Students from a Head Start designed by Emmons Design

Stuart talking with a student about her project, 2015

Schools are one of the key foundations for the community. Schools can be the great equalizer, and can set the path to a happy fulfilling life.

Stuart's recent involvement with schools.


Architect in Schools, 2020
    Hilda Lahti School, Knappa, OR
Jefferson HS Band Support, 2016

Portland Public Schools (PPS), 2014

    2016 Bond Development Committee

Portland Public Schools, 2013

    Education Specs Executive Committee

Lucky Lab Group, 2011

    co-founder, Leadership Group

    Advocates for schools

Our Portland, Our Schools, 2012
    co-founder, Leadership Group

    Advocates for schools

PPS, 2012: School Facilities Bond Campaign

    leadership group

PPS, 2011-12

    Long Term Facilities Advisory Committee

Portland Public Schools, 2012

    Bond Development Committee member


Stand for Children: 2009 - 11


Lincoln High School (LHS)

    Communications Committee, 2012 - 13

LHS: Red Book designer, 2012 - 15

LHS: 2011 Bond, leadership committee
LHS: Long Term Development Comm.: 2009 - 15

LHS: Lincoln Foundation - 2010 - 12

Lincoln High School

Hal Hart Award

June 2012


Stuart Emmons, Eleni Kehagiaras, and Gerry Gast from the University of Oregon are organizing the Next Generation Schools Design Symposium scheduled for April 9, 2016. Please click on the panel above to see the symposium website.

The Lincoln Red Book was designed and compiled by Stuart Emmons with writing, review and photography help from Lincoln High School staff, teachers, students and parents. This was the second edition of the book released in 2013. Please click on the book cover above to see the entire book.

The '80% IN 4 YEARS' was written by Stuart Emmons and presented to the Mayor's office in January 2013. It was intended to give ideas for how City Hall could help Portland Public Schools in increasing the graduation rate to 80% in 4 years. Please click on the book cover above to see the entire book.

Interstate Crossing

Childpeace Montessori


UO Classrooms

NAYA High School Master Plan

OHSU Campus Master Plan

Silverton School Master Plan

Whitaker School Campus Master Plan

2012 School Bond

2012 School Bond

2012 School Bond

showing Faubion students Veterans Memorial Coliseum wall

with Benson HS student living at Kah San Chako Haws (affordable housing Stuart designed)

with the Jefferson HS Band - Sounds of Jefferson

Talking politics with Grant HS Civics students in 2016

Selected writings by Stuart Emmons about schools and design.