Yes, it’s about Craft

Yes, it’s about Art

But it’s also about....

• Portland being a great city

• Improving student outcomes

• the potential for the future

• Our kids being exposed to the joy of making things

• A strategic plan already out there that can make the college successful in the future. If given a chance.

• Beautiful ‘made in Portland’ Craftworks

• It’s not about just ‘making’, it’s about craft, the care, skill, and passion to make something beautiful

• Material, natural resources

• Passing on skills being lost in our culture. The entire notion of making, hands on skill is fast disappearing due to technology

• OBT was saved twice by us. The same can happen for OCAC. They are both foundation stones of Portland’s art and culture ecosystem.

• John Storrs designed buildings.

• Barbara Fealy designed landscape.

• An AIA honor award building designed by Charles Rose.

• The importance of objects with longevity

• Community

• Learning about one's self through making.

• making something with your entire body, from mind to breathing to torso to hands to feet.

• a campus that is Oregon

• the tie to the 1907 Arts and Crafts legacy

• the tie to the back to Crafts movement in the late 1960’s through the 70’s

• the beauty and feel of Weaving

• exquisite metalwork

• Calligraphy

• a campus that would take at least $38m to replace, if the land could even be found.

• Howard and Jean Vollum

• Julia Christiansen Hoffman

• Beautifully bound books

• Woodworking at a high craft level

• Ceramics

• Howard Hedinger

• Metal sculpture

• the smell of wood

• Pendleton ties

• the feel of Craft

• seeing the joy in your daughter’s face when she shows you what she made

• seeing the joy in your son’s face when he shows you what he made

• adults learning a new Craft

• precision dovetails

• community

• the integrity in making things

• kids coming to ’the mountain’ to make things

• a brighter future

• lunch in one of the nicest, most low-key places in Portland

• a creative oasis in a growing city

• Uniqueness of Portland

• the possibilities for the future

• maybe glass?

• few shops left in our schools

• ready for another back to Craft movement which seems inevitable soon when people start to get sick of looking at their phone all the time and pushing letter keys.

• meandering paths

• more Craftsmen in Portland

• sunsets over the Coast range

• kids who live in apartments and have no basement shop or garage

• a place that will never be replicated - when it’s gone it’s gone

• printmaking

• touch

• top national artists coming to Portland for Artist-in-Residency and staying in Portland. (Thank you Dana Lynn Louis)

• beauty

This is why OCAC should be saved.