Brundage House

Floor Plan




This house is for two people who like clean modern spaces and who wanted to make the most out of their high desert location. The house is designed to fit gently into its desert setting with forms that reflect the desert landscape.  Using indigenous landscape around the house, rock walls, stucco and wood siding, the house is inspired by high desert ranch houses. Inside, the spaces soar and flow to the outside. The entry courtyard has a reflecting pool – a respite from the rough desert landscape surrounding the house. The entry sequence to the house starts with a walk through a trellised Loggia, into a tall double height entry space that terminates with a large glass and aluminum screen, and ends at the glassy living space which flows out to a terrace overlooking the Juniper forest, and the courtyard to the west. On the first floor is a full living area for the couple, above on the second floor is a suite for guests, and on the third floor is an Aerie that has a 360 degree overlook of the mountains and desert. This house is a place to relax, socialize, and enjoy the beautiful desert setting it is in.



Photography (of project): Michael Mathers

Contractor: Sun Forest Construction