Streetcar Lofts

The Streetcar Lofts lobby is in an industrial/arts neighborhood. As one passes by in on the street, the goal was to build on the character of the neighborhood, creating an inviting space with a poetic use of industrial materials. Curved steel walls, concrete benches and sculpted light choreograph the space in a gracious manner. Markings in the concrete floor bring the proportion of the streetcar tracks found in the neighborhood, into the building. Light, shadow and reflection contribute to the liveliness of the lobby. The steel opens in a welcoming gesture for those entering the space. It sits in a bed of river rock as a gentle transition to the stained concrete floor. A bench intersects the steel providing a place to sit and talk at the mail room.The end wall is a panel of backlit glass to pull one’s vision back out to the street with light and reflection, minimizing the depth of the space and ever changing as people walk past.