South Park was for everyone! A new city park with beautiful river views and views to the natural habitats of Swan Island nearby. Eagles could be seen flying about. This would become a memorable part of the 40 mile trail, with separate bike and pedestrian trails. The built edge would be public with housing above. Riverfront restaurants lined the park, with one block dedicated to a glassy health club overlooking the park. Eyes on the park for safety, and activity. So for everyone, playgrounds and climbing mounds for kids, a boathouse to finally give Portland a proper rowing center, places to lounge on the grass, overlooks to look at birds and boats, places to sail model boats. Old piers were kept to refer to the sites history. Areas along the river were restored to their original character to give fish and wildlife habitat. This was a park that also started to seep into the streets so the whole South Waterfront district would feel the South Park.