Snack Shack

“Snack Shack” was a 280 SF Concession Stand project for Tri Met’s Parkrose Transit Center. Snack Shack was directly on the freeway, clearly visible as people enter the city from the airport. It is a concession stand next to a dynamic bridge designed by Portland artist Ed Carpenter. Snack Shack was a beacon on a fast moving site, with planes, trains and automobiles whizzing past it. The building’s welcoming, warmly lit glazed east face greets those approaching the bridge from the transit parking lot, beckoning with lattes and muffins for the weary commuter. The solid curved metal roof and metal panel on the north wall provide a visual anchor and counterpoint to the lacey structure of the “Fishbird” bridge, as it takes off across the freeway. All glazing is laminated low-e glass and all of the water from the roof is absorbed on site at the base of the curve.