The Integrated Circuits Laboratory is a 1900 square foot interior project for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Portland State University.


At the center of the project is a glowing square room housing a large Credence integrated circuit tester.  Adjacent to the square room are 3 computer laboratories for faculty and graduate students.  The square room was designed to terminate a corridor in the department as well as act as a starting point for a major expansion for the department in the future.


The design of the square room was intended to reflect the precision of the equipment in both organization and detailing.  Backlit fiberglass and polycarbonate panels form the perimeter of the room.  Intersecting the room is the beginning of a curved corridor that will organize the future expansion.


The Integrated Circuits Laboratory project received the ‘Best in Show’ award at the AIA/IIDA design awards - the Top Interior in Portland for that year.