PSU Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

The PSU Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is a 17,000 SF interior remodel project.  It is located in a lower level space with very limited access to natural light.  A gradually widening corridor was incorporated into the plan to bring light and a view of landscape deep into the project, so as many people as possible can see outside.  In addition to minimal natural light, wayfinding was an issue.  Brightly colored walls and repeating angled aluminum and glass storefronts at lab entries were utilized to improve the wayfinding throughout the department.


The entry to the project is through a space that has an angled dark blue wall and is planned to have a mural of an enlarged integrated circuit board design. This feature acts as a sign and focus point for the department.


The project includes computer labs, classrooms, faculty and graduate student offices and support rooms.  All labs are located in the center portion of the suite on raised floor and the offices and computer rooms surround them.