OHSU Campus Master Plan

The OHSU Central Campus Master Plan was a plan the ravine area of the campus, and was designed to make the OHSU hospital and patient areas far easier to navigate for patients and visitors. It would also separate the university buildings and campus more from the hospital areas. The plan envisioned an east-west circulation spine of parking and a pedestrian bridge that would connect the existing hospital and new structures. This plan also considered the new South Waterfront campus, and how it connected to the existing OHSU campus on Marquam Hill. The plan was part of the planning for the new ‘Women’s Center Building’ to the east of the existing hospital building. After this plan, OHSU made the decision to incorporate the Women’s Center into a much larger building (now the Kohler Pavilion) that would also have surgery suites and in-patient rooms.


The North Campus Master Plan was a plan to site a new Research Building into a tight campus area, while still keeping a campus feel and preserving as much green space as possible.