NAYA School Master Plan


The NAYA School Master Plan (also known as Neerchokikoo), is a sustainable campus master plan for NAYA on the former 10 acre Whitaker Lakeside School campus on Columbia Boulevard in Portland. The campus plan reuses the existing high school and adds a Sustainable Vocational School, Longhouse for community gatherings, and a new super sustainable Services Building. The campus is reconfigured to focus the buildings on the Whitaker Ponds wildlife refuge to the north. Here are some quotes from the book made by Emmons:


"Returning Home
 Neerchokikoo was a Chinook village site well into the nineteenth century. We return to this place to repair and build, to provide a gateway to a beautiful natural space. We come to educate and mentor. To move forward together. Already the ponds are coming back to life. Wildlife thrives and the Slough is a nice place to canoe once again. The school has children in it once again too.
We come home to this site to nurture community and build a sustainable place that respects our traditions." Booklet, p.7


"Sustaining Community.

Neerchokikoo is about Community. We seek a place for the entire Native American community in Portland, where people can come and be together. We strive to build a sustainable foundation for community, by providing services off site and on. We work to buy, build and own our own housing to stabilize a community that often experiences barriers to economic security."