MLK, Jr Boulevard Housing Plan

Many sites along Portland's Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard remained vacant or underutilized. Many of them were zoned High Density Residential (RH). The Emmons study sought to determine constraints and challenges for these RH sites and to provide potential solutions that will help expedite redevelopment.

It was a goal of this report for the Portland Development Commission to determine further actions that the City could take (if any) to help stimulate development on RH sites on MLK and to serve as a guide for land owners and developers when considering redevelopment.

Three sites on MLK of sizes and locations that typify properties in the RH zone are studied in detail to ascertain potential recommended development options. Site 1 was a 4,500 sf site that is mid-block, Site 2 was an 8,000 sf block on a corner and Site 3 was a 21,205 sf through block site.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Gateway

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