Interstate Neighborhood

Interstate Light Rail Corridor Zoning Study

 Bringing higher density, new residents, and new uses to an existing neighborhood is always challenging. The purpose of this study was to work closely with the residents to educate them about zoning, and develop strategies that would allow more density, with the support of most of the residents.


The Interstate Corridor Zoning Study revisited the zoning patterns and regulatory framework in the Interstate Light Rail Corridor to ensure that it would better implement Portland’s transit-supportive policies and create a favorable environment for public and private investment that increased neighborhood economic vitality, amenities, and services.

Our team sought input and recommendations from the community for zoning guidelines in the Interstate Corridor. During the study, Emmons Architects modeled future development scenarios so residents would have a clear idea of what might happen in their neighborhood, as well as recommending zoning changes and design guidelines.


From these meetings and through the study, recommendations were made that sought to respect the key aspects of Interstate Avenue’s character while accommodating future high density and mixed-use developments.