Herrera Salon

Everyone could use a brief break from the urban work world once in a while. The Herrera Salon was designed to allow visitors a calm respite as well as appealing to the Salon’s diverse clientele. The Salon design leans towards tropical colors and accents, combined with natural wood and blacks that tie the project to its downtown setting. The core was reorganized to accommodate dressing rooms and support functions.


Flexibility was a key part of the design.  Mirrors at stations glide on a metal track and workstation carts are on casters. Natural light is through sandblasted glass panels that sit in front of a light blue wall with a curving stripe. The panels have a subtle pattern of additional sandblasting that gives them more complexity and depth. Below the glass are wood panels that give the salon a warm feel.


The waiting area has a curved yellow wall and windows looking out to the Portland skyline.