Fremont Aerie

Fremont Aerie is a twin house infill project on a small site in North Portland. From upper floors, the views of the city are spectacular, so the houses were designed with a large, lofty living space on the upper floor, bedrooms on the second floor, and study/home office and garage on the ground floor. Surrounded by low bungalows, the tall house design allows the houses to look over its neighbors. The houses were sited to allow for garages to be off the street edge. The forms of the houses are basic white boxes with brightly colored curved forms attached to them that reference the neighborhoods rich culture. Two large notches are in the upper rear for outdoor living and bottom front to allow for entry. Both notches are faced with native Oregon timber to refer to Oregon’s forests and the timber houses that are adjacent to the houses. Few new houses have been built in this neighborhood in 50 years, and it is hoped that this project, along with other projects, will help revitalize the neighborhood and give it a new energy.