Foster School Site

(NAYA Meadows)

NAYA Meadows was a Master Plan for an intergenerational community for the benefit of children, and a community that enriched the life of others through the company of children.


The project sought to become a model for living for at-risk children that couples a nurturing, supportive home with a good early education school. A good school is not enough, a stable home is not enough. Both need to be a part of a child’s life.


NAYA Meadows had a school for early learners, PK - 3, family housing, and housing for elders who wished to be in a community with younger families. There is a Longhouse with a common dining room and kitchen, a library and study area. There is space for programs.

Outdoors, there is a covered play area, and playing fields. There is a garden, to supply food for the community and to encourage healthy diets. NAYA Meadows is a part of the neighborhood, neighbors and their children are welcome to come in and enjoy our home.

Through a nurturing and supportive community, many at-risk children will get a chance to have a brighter future.