'My work couldn't have happened if it were not for the great teams of people behind the Emmons Architects' projects. Over 50 people have worked in the firm. Thank you to a talented and passionate group of people.'


The Fire 1 team: Emmons Architects and Hennebery Eddy

Deschutes Brew Pub team: Stuart Emmons, Emily Lehman, Gabe Headrick

Partial list of Emmons Design team members.

Dee Ann Branchini

John Brehm

Bobby Bonaparte

Tommy Brooks

Travis Butler (the first!)

Amy Copeland

Rob Church

Jill Dau

Susan Emmons Poss

Lan Fendors

Greg Flinders

Michael Flowers

Judith Gonzales

Gabe Headrick

Mark-o Kennelly-Ullman

Kirsten Kinzer

Ryan Lawrence

Emily Lehman

Jonathan Ledesma

Brian Mares

Carlos Medina

Heidi Nelson

Lynne O’Connor

Caralyn Preble

Stacy Riger

Julio Rocha

Brandon Sanchez

Joe Schneider

Kristine Stoller

Frank Thaller

Allen Webb

Hunter Williams

Jennifer Wright-Dykhouse


and to our wonderful photographer, a special thank you Michael Mathers.


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