Coventry Street

Coventry Street Studios was a 48 unit addition project attached to an existing group of townhouses in South Boston. This project was designed as affordable housing for people with AIDS, but the layout would also work well for elderly and low-income housing. The building was designed to blend into the context of the neighborhood as well as enhance the quality of the streetscape and street life.


One of the design goals was to respect the scale and look of the neighborhood without mimicking it. Brick and wood were used for this reason. The proportioning of windows and the massing of the project were developed from studying several adjacent buildings. To add to the vitality of the street, a front porch with rocking chairs was designed in to encourage interaction between pedestrians and residents. The clapboard wall behind the porch was to make the porch feel more residential. Ivy covered walls were at the base of the project to further soften the walk in front.

Finalist in City of Boston Affordable Housing Competition 1992