Break Pad

Break Pad was a project for a bus driver break area in Gresham, Oregon for Tri-Met. It included restrooms, and a place to sit, relax and have lunch out of the rain.


The project was located at the head of a small, quiet triangular park adjacent to the Gresham Transit Center. Nearby, in the center of the park is an art installation of an outdoor room. The site is passive yet an important internal part of the city. Break Pad is seen as a classic park building, providing a means to organize the land around it and respond to the adjacent art. It is a simple concrete, glass and metal structure, with the break room looking out to the center of the park. The relationship of roof to wall is meant to be almost like a lean-to, but with more substance and enclosure.  Low-e glass and large overhangs shield the interior from hot sun.  In the case of both buildings, lighting systems utilize efficient lamps and timers for use.  A design goal of the project was to convey enthusiasm for our public transit system and encourage people to use it.