Affordable Housing

Housing for people from 0 - 80% of average family income is a critical part of the housing need of a city. As cities like Portland grow, with rents increasing rapidly, the need for affordable housing grows with it. Portland is experiencing gentrification, displacing thousands of families, away from their neighborhood, friends, schools, churches, support network.


Affordable housing is expensive, due to overhead costs and criteria placed on the housing. Innovation should be considered to lower per unit cost. Homeownership programs will help keep people in their familiar neighborhoods.


Affordable housing is a key part of a healthy city where individuals and families of any income can live in the city.


"Seeing these residents move into Kah San Chako Haws made it all worth it for me."


Kah San

Chako Haws

Interstate Crossing

Lewis & Clark Plaza

MLK, Jr. Gateway

Parthenon Center